Angelo Frisina

Angelo is a world-class drummer who has had the extraordinary opportunity to perform in a range of locations that many only dream of visiting. His musical journey has taken him from the icy realms of the Arctic Circle to the remote expanses of Antarctica. Alongside his globetrotting adventures, Angelo has been involved in projects that have achieved Guinness World Records and Billboard chart-topping singles. His former band holds the world record for being the most traveled, having opened for iconic acts like The Knack, Joan Jett, Berlin and The Beach Boys, and has performed in over 40 countries & 6 continents.

Currently, Angelo is dazzling audiences with The Elliot Gavin Baldini Band, bringing his passion for the creative arts and storytelling through music to life.

Previously, Angelo founded the L.A Jazz/Funk fusion group PhunkYard in 2013. This group performed in local jazz clubs for seven years, recording a live album in 2018 titled “Live at Molly Malones.”

His musical collaborations extend to performing, recording, and touring with artists like the Nelson Twins, Liquid Blue, and various high profile artists from Southern California. Angelo’s exceptional drumming skills have been displayed in illustrious venues such as The Cow Palace, Playboy Mansion, Petco Park Stadium and The House of Blues across multiple cities. His reach has extended to millions, with live television performances that captivated audiences on an international scale. Notably, his performances on CCTV China garnered an astounding viewership exceeding 60 million, alongside notable appearances on the Ten Network Australia. Angelo’s ability to connect with audiences, both live and through the screen, is a testament to his universal appeal and talent.

His skill and dedication have led to collaborations with Grammy award-winning musicians such as bassist Kevin Cooper and saxophonist Rick Rossi. Angelo was also the original house drummer on the popular music, art, and culture show Noise TV in Melbourne, Australia, and has worked with a plethora of Australian artists and media personalities, including Babba, Tracy Bartram, Frank Holden, Denise Drysdale & Marie Wilson.

A proud endorsee of Sabian Cymbals since 2001, Angelo is available for live shows, studio sessions, and short tours.